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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Edible canna (Canna edulis) as a complementary starch source to cassava for the starch industryPiyachomkwan, K.; Chotineeranat, S.; Kijkhunasatian, C.; Tonwitowat, R.; Prammanee, S.; Oates, C.G.; Sriroth, K.
2004Effect of amylose and amylopectin structure on gel properties of Thai rice starchesPiyachomkwan, K.; Wansuksri, R.; Ninchan, B.; Sriroth, K.
2005Effect of heat-moisture treatment on physical characteristics of cassava starchPhimphilai, S.; Chamnan, O.; Phimphilai, K.; Sriroth, K.
2002Effect of hypochlorite levels on the modification of cassava starchSangsethong, K.; Sriroth, K.
2005Effect of lactic acid fermentation on physico-chemical properties of starch derived from cassava, sweet potato and riceChinsamran, K.; Piyachomkwan, K.; Santisopasri, V.; Sriroth, K.
2005Effect of pineapple fiber as biomass source for reinforced plasticChollakup, R.; Ujjin, S.; Tantatherdtam, R.; Sriroth, K.
2000Effect of processing on cassava starch quality: 1. DryingSriroth, K.; Piyachomkwan, K.; Jarerat, A.; Oates, C.G.
2008Effect of smoking on lipid content, macromolecular structure and rheological properties of Hevea brasiliensis sheet rubberRodphukdeekul, S.; Liengprayoon, S.; Santisopasri, V.; Sriroth, K.; Bonfils, F.; Dubreucq, E.; Vaysse, L.
2004Effect of starch structure on cooking and eating quality of thai rice productsSriroth, K.; Chatakanonda, P.; Ninchan, B.; Wansuksri, R.; Piyachomkwan, K.
2003Effects of different UV irradiations on properties of cassava starch and biscuit expansionVatanasuchart, N.; Naivikul, O.; Charoenrein, S.; Sriroth, K.
2001Environmental conditions during root development: indicator of cassava starch qualitySriroth, K.; Piyachomkwan, K.; Santisopasri, V.; Oates, C.G.
2002Ethanol Production from Cassava Chips in ThailandPiyachowman, K.; Walapatit, S.; Kaewsompong, S.; Sriroth, K.; Rodjanaridpiched, C.; Kasetsart University, Bangkok (Thailand). Kasetsart Agricultural and Agro-Industrial Product Improvement Institute
2003Ethanol Production from Cassava Chips in ThailandPiyachomkwan, K.; Walapatit, S.; Kaewsompong, S.; Sriroth, K.; Rodjanaridpiched, C.
2005; 2005Fatty acid composition and properties of Jatropha seed oil and its methyl esterChatakanonda, P.; Sriroth, K.; Vaysse, L.; Liangprayoon, S.; Chatakanonda, P; K. Sriroth; L. Vaysse; S. Liangprayoon
2004Gelatinization and paste properties of rice Starch in food SystemPiyachomkwan, K.; Wansuksri, B.; Ninchan, P.; Chatakanonda, P.; Sriroth, K.
2005Gelatinization and retrogradation of cassava starch in the presence of NaCl and sucroseChatakanonda, P.; Wongprayoon, S.; Sriroth, K.
2006Gelatinization characteristics and kinetics of cassava starch in the presence of sodium chloride and sucroseChatakanonda, P.; Wongprayoon, S.; Sriroth, K.
2004Grain quality index for evaluating the textural properties of cooked ricePiyachomkwan, K.; Chatakanonda, P.; Wansuksri, R.; Sriroth, K.
2004Huay Bong 60; New developed Thai cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) variety with improved starch yield and qualityVichukit, V.; Rodjanaridpiched, C.; Poonsaguan, P.; Sarobol, E.; Cheamchamnuncha, C.; Changlek, K.; Piyachomkwan, K.; Sriroth, K.
2003Hydration and physico-chemical properties of small-particle cassava starchSanguanpong, V.; Chotineeranat, S.; Piyachomkwan, K.; Sriroth, K.; Huang, T.C.; Otes, C.G.; Chinachoti, P.; Sriroth, K.
Showing results 20 to 39 of 80
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