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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Physicochemical changes in cassava starch stored at different humidity and its sorption isothermSriroth, K.; Wanlapatit, S.; Wuttijamnong, P.
2004Physico-chemical properties of some tropical starchesSriroth, K.; Piyachomkwan, K.
2004Physio-chemical properties of root, flour and starch of bitter and sweet cassava varietiesRattanachon, W.; Piyachomkwan, K.; Sriroth, K.
004]Precipitation behavior of debranched waxy rice starch in the presence of fatty acidYotsawimonwat, S.; Sriroth, K.; Kaewvichit, S.; Piyachomkwan, K.; Sirithunyalug, J.
2003Preparation and structural properties of small-particle cassava starchSanguanpong, V.; Chotineeranat, S.; Piyachomkwan, K.; Sriroth, K.; Huang, T.C.; Otes, C.G.; Chinachoti, P.; Sriroth, K.
2003Preparation of carboxymethyl cassava starch: A response surface analysisKetsilp, S.; Sangseethong, K.; Sriroth, K.
2004Preparation of debranched waxy rice starch using a complete central composite designYotsawimonwat, S.; Sriroth, K.; Kaewvichit, S.; Piyachomkwan, K.; Sirithunyalug, J.
2000Present Situation and Future Potential of Cassava in ThailandSriroth, K.; Rojanaridpiched, C.; Vichukit, V.; Suriyaphan, P.; Oates, C.G.
1999A primary investigation on sago worms in ThailandSuasa-Ard, W.; Piyachomkwan, K.; oates, C.G.; Sriroth, K.
2000Processing of cassava waste for improved biomass UtilizationSriroth, K.; Chollakup, R.; Chotineeranat, S.; Piyachomkwan, K.; Oates, C.G.
2004Process optimization of low–cyanide cassava flour from variety Kasetsart 50Chotineeranat, S.; Suwansichon, T.; Chompreeda, P.; Piyachomkwan, P.; Sriroth, K.; Haruthaithanasan, V.
2004Production of cassava wine by biotechnological methodWanlapatit, S.; Chotineeranat, S.; Amornittikul, K.; Piyachomkwan, K.; Sriroth, K.
2000Product of future potential: Biodegradabke plastic from cassava starchSriroth, K.; Chollakup, R.; Piyachomkwan, K.; Oates, C.G.
1999Properties and utilisation of sago palm ( Metroxylon spp.) in ThailandSriroth, K.
2005Properties of oxidized cassava starch as influenced by oxidant concentration and reaction timeSangseethong, K.; Sriroth, K.
1999Protein in rice flour and its role on rice starch hydrolysisWansuksri, R.; Chotineeranat, S.; Chollakup, R.; Piyachowman, K.; Sriroth, K.; Kasetsart University, Bangkok (Thailand). Kasetsart Agricultural and Agro-Industrial Product Improvement Institute
2005Relationship between structural properties of rice starches and their physico-chemical properties and cooking quality of rice grainsPiyachomkwan, P.; Wansuksri, R.; Kijkhunasatian, C.; Chatakanonda, P.; Ninchan, B.; Santisopasri, V.; Sriroth, K.
2004The role of lactic acid fermentation on processing and properties of sweetpotato and cassava starchChinsamran, K.; Piyachomkwan, K.; Santisopasri, V.; Sriroth, K.
2005The role of reaction parameters on the preparation and properties of carboxymethyl cassava starchSangseethong, K.; Ketsilp, S.; Sriroth, K.
1995Role of small scale farmers to Thai sugar industrySriroth, K.
Showing results 53 to 72 of 80
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