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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Biodegradable and physical properties of cassava starch/polycaprolactone blendChollakup, R.; Noomhorm, C.; Sriroth, K.; Piyachomkwan, K.; Tokiwa, Y.
1997Comparison of the physical properties in tapioca starch/polycaprolactone and ground tapioca chip/ polycaprolactone blendsChollakup, R.; Sriroth, K.; Tokiwa, Y.
005]Cotton dyeing for reactive dyes in cottage levelChollakup, R.; Ujjin, S.; Rungruangkitkrai, T.
2005Effect of pineapple fiber as biomass source for reinforced plasticChollakup, R.; Ujjin, S.; Tantatherdtam, R.; Sriroth, K.
2004Eri silk as blended material with cotton on ring and rotor spinningChollakup, R.; Lopez, L.; Sinoimeri, A.; Drean, J-Y.
1998Impact of drought during early growth on cassava starch qualitySriroth, K.; Piyachomkwan, K.; Chotineeranat, S.; Chollakup, R.; Santisopasri, V.; Oates, C.G.
1999An improved dewatering performance in cassava starch process by a pressure filterSriroth, K.; Wanlapatit, S.; Chollakup, R.; Chotineeranat, S.; Piyachomkwan, K.; Oates, C.G.
1999Inclusion of silk protein in cassava starch and polycaprolactone blendChollakup, R.; Jarerat, A.; Sriroth, K.
005]Influence of silk/cotton blend proportion and blending techniques on the tactile feeling of knitted fabricsChollakup, R.; Schacher, L.; Sinoimeri, A.; Adolphe, D.C.
2006Pineapple/cotton blended yarn fabrics: Physical and dyeing propertiesUjjin, S.; Chollakup, R.; Pasukdee, W.
2000Processing of cassava waste for improved biomass UtilizationSriroth, K.; Chollakup, R.; Chotineeranat, S.; Piyachomkwan, K.; Oates, C.G.
2000Product of future potential: Biodegradabke plastic from cassava starchSriroth, K.; Chollakup, R.; Piyachomkwan, K.; Oates, C.G.
1999Protein in rice flour and its role on rice starch hydrolysisWansuksri, R.; Chotineeranat, S.; Chollakup, R.; Piyachowman, K.; Sriroth, K.; Kasetsart University, Bangkok (Thailand). Kasetsart Agricultural and Agro-Industrial Product Improvement Institute
1999Structural and functional properties of Thai sago ( Metroxylon spp.) starch extracted from different trunk portionsPiyachomkwan, K.; Chotineeranart,, S.; Chollakup, R.; Hicks, A.; Oates, C.G.; Sriroth, K.
1999Sucrose ester as plasticizer for biodegradable plastic (starch/polycaprolactone blend)Sriroth, K.; Chollakup, R.; Piyachomkwan, K.; Tokiwa, Y.; Oates, C.G.
Showing results 1 to 15 of 15


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