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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Agronomie performance of the clone IRCA III of hevea brasiliensis under different frequencies of tapping and stimulation in south-west Côte d'IvoireObouayeba, S.; Soumahin, E. F.; Dobo, M.; Lacote, R.; Gabla, O.; Doumbia, A.
2009Carbohydrate storage in wood and bark of rubber trees submitted to different level of C demand induced by latex tappingChantuma, P.; Lacointe, A.; Kasemsap, P.; Thanisawanyangkura, S.; Gohet, E.; Clément, A.; Guilliot, A.; Améglio, T.; Thaler, P.
2008cDNA, from Hevea brasiliensis, encoding 1-deoxy-D-xylulose-5-phosphate reductoisomeraseYoonram, K.; Takahashi, S.; Rattanapittayaporn, A.; Koyama, T.; Wititsuwannakul, D.; Wititsuwannakul, R.
2009Cloning and characterization of pectate lyase from Hevea brasiliensisWilaiwan C.; Sarapee, D.; Wititsuwannakul, R.; Phongdara, A.
2008Cloning and expression of the gene encoding solanesyl diphosphate synthase from Hevea brasiliensisPhatthiya, A.; Takahashi, S.; Chareonthiphakorn, N.; Koyama, T.; Wititsuwannakul, D.; Wititsuwannakul, D.
2008Development of a new procedure for lipid extraction from Hevea brasiliensis natural rubberLiengprayoon, S.; Bonfils, F.; Sainte-Beuve, J.; Sriroth, K.; Dubreucq, E.; Vaysse, L.
2009Development of central rubber market networkSangpradab, S.; Tongnuaka, S.; Daoduang, R.; Karnjanapakorn, S.
2008Effect of smoking on lipid content, macromolecular structure and rheological properties of Hevea brasiliensis sheet rubberRodphukdeekul, S.; Liengprayoon, S.; Santisopasri, V.; Sriroth, K.; Bonfils, F.; Dubreucq, E.; Vaysse, L.
2008Evaluation of some clones (Hevea brasiliensis) in a small scale trial in the northern part of GuatemelaCastillo, J.; Lacote, R.; Armas, G.; Chapuset, T.; Palencia, C.; Anléu, J.; Rivano, F.; Najera, C.
2008Expression of the HEV2.1 gene promoter in transgenic Hevea brasiliensisMontoro, P.; Lagier, S.; Baptiste, C.; Marteaux, B.; Pujade, R. V.; Leclercq, J.; Alemanno, L.
2009Graft copolymers of natural rubber and poly(dimethyl(acryloyloxymethyl)phosphonate) (NR-g-PDMAMP) or poly(dimethyl(methacryloyloxyethyl)phosphonate) (NR-g-PDMMEP) from photopolymerization in latex mediumDerouet, D.; Intharapat, P.; Tran, Q.N.; Gohier, F.; Nakason, C.
2008Hevea latex lectin binding protein in C-serum as an anti-latex coagulating factor and its role in a proposedWititsuwannakul, R.; Pasitkul, P.; Jewtragoon, P.; Wititsuwannakul, D.
2008Identification of a novel hydrophobic allergen from Hevea brasiliensis bottom fraction membraneMengumpun, K.; Yayapiwatana, C.; Hamilton, R. G.; Sangsupawanich, P.; Wititsuwannakul, R.
2009Influence of ethephon stimulation on latex physiological parameters and consequences on latex diagnosis implementation in rubber agro-industryGohet, E.; Scomparin, C.; Cavaloc, E.; Balerin, Y.; Benites, G.; Dumortier, F.; Williams, H. O.; Permadi, H. P.; Ginting, E.; De Rostolan, E.; Uche, E.; Chegbene, P.; Hocepied, E.; Echimane, P.; Soumahoro, M.; Sargeant, H. J.; Sugatno, H. J.; Najera, C.; Soumahoro, B.; Lacote, R.; Eschbach, J. M.
2008Influences of blend compatibilizers on dynamic, mechanical, and morphological properties of dynamically cured maleated natural rubber and high-density polyethylene blendsPichaiyut, S.; Nakason, C.; Kaesaman, A.; Kiatkamjornwong, S.
2009Investigation of sludge from concentrated latex industry for preparing a new product as fertilizerDanteravanich, S.
2009Leaf, inner bark and latex cyanide potential in Hevea brasiliensis: evidence for involvement of the cyanogenic glucosides in rubber yieldKongsawadworakul, P.; Viboonjun-Sookmark, U.; Romruensukharom, P.; Chantuma, P.; Ruderman, S.; Chrestin, H.
2008Management of effluent from STR20 industry in southern ThailandDanteravanich, S.
2008Molecular biology of trunk phloem necrosis in rubber treeNarangajavana, J.; Sookmark, U.; Kongsawadworakul, P.; Chrestin, H.
2009Multifunctional peroxide as alternative crosslink agents for dynamically vulcanized epoxidized natural rubber/polypropylene blendsThitithammawong, A.; Nakason, C.; Sahakaro, K.; Noordermeer, J. W. M.
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