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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Case report: Surgical correction of hiatal hernia in a dogNontasit Chutiyanawat; Panpicha Sattasathuchana; Sunee Puripanpipat; Sujitra Pisetpaisan; Wuttiwong Teerapan; Naris Thengchaisri; นนทษิต ชุติญาณวัฒน์; พันพิชา สัตถาสาธุชนะ; สุนีย์ ภูริพันธุ์พิพัฒน์; สุจิตรา พิเศษไพศาล; วุฒิวงศ์ ธีระพันธ์; นริศ เต็งชัยศรี
2007Case report: Surgical removal of pulmonary adenocarcinoma in a dogNaris Thengchaisri; Chaiyan Kasorndorkbua; Kovacevic, Alan; Wutthiwong Theerapan; Amornrate Sastravaha; นริศ เต็งชัยศรี; ไชยยันต์ เกษรดอกบัว; โควาเซวิก, อลัน; วุฒิวงศ์ ธีระพันธ์; อมรรัตน์ ศาสตรวาหา
2006Case report: The anatomic features of a stillborn Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) heartPunnarat Vibulchan; Wuthichai Klomkleaw; Promporn Raksaseri; ปุณณรัตน์ วิบูลย์จันทร์; วุฒิชัย กลมเกลียว; พรหมพร รักษาเสรี
2009Case report: Treatment of granulomatous iritis and cataract by sector iridectomy and extracapsular lens extraction in two rabbitsAree Thayananuphat; Tipawadee Seidkhuntod; Natthanet Sritrakoon; Preeda Lertwatcharasarakul; Charoen Thongma; อารีย์ ทยานานุภัทร์; ทิพาวดี เสียดขุนทด; ณัฐเนตร ศรีตระกูล; ปรีดา เลิศวัชระสารกุล; เจริญ ทองมา
1996Cassava industry in Thailand: The status of technology and utilizationSriroth, K.
1999Cassava starch granule structure – function properties: influence of time and conditions at harvest on four cultivars of cassava starchSriroth, K.; Santisopasri, V.; Petchalanuwat, C.; Kurotjanawong, K.; Piyachomkwan, K.; Oates, C.G.
2000Cassava starch technology: The Thai experienceSriroth, K.; Piyachomkwan, K.; Wanlapatit, S.; Oates, C.G.
2008cDNA, from Hevea brasiliensis, encoding 1-deoxy-D-xylulose-5-phosphate reductoisomeraseYoonram, K.; Takahashi, S.; Rattanapittayaporn, A.; Koyama, T.; Wititsuwannakul, D.; Wititsuwannakul, R.
2012Challenges training for highly qualified animal scientists for the Asian regionMetha Wanapat; -
2001Characterization of Factors involved in the tissue culture growth recovery and the sustainability of thr GUS activity in Hevea Brasiliensis friable calli transformed by Agrobacterium TumefaciensRattana, W.; Teinseree, N.; Tadakittisarn, S.; Pujade-Renaud, V.; Mongkolsook, Y.; Montoro, P.
2006Characterization of factors involved in tissue growth recovery and stability of GUS activity in rubber tree (Hevea basiliensis ) friable calli transformed by Agrobacterium tumifaciensWiparat, R.; Teinseree, N.; Tadakittisarn, S.; Pujade-Renaud, V.; Monkolsook, Y.; Montoro, P.
2009Characterization of natural rubber cup coagula maturation conditions and consequences on dry rubber propertiesIntapun, J.; Sainte-Beuve, J.; Bonfils, F.; Tanrattanakul, V.; Dubreucq, E.; Vaysse, L.
1985Chemical and organic fertilizers management for long-term young ear corn productionRing Meesawat; Pradit Boonampol; Boonnom Unkasem; Prakorn Limsamutrachaiporn; Tunya Tavonratana; Grit Rattanaphatoom
1999Chemical pulp production from rice straw by alkaline soaking and cooking with added alkaline and oxygenAnapanurak, W.; Pisuthpichet, S.
1964Chemical weed control in cornVega, M.R.; Obien, S.R.; Ona, J.D.
1972Choice of parents to develop a synthetic varietyMochizuki, Noboru
2001Cigarette beatle, Lasioderma serricorne (L.), pest of paper mulberry barkChankaewmanee, B.; Ujjin, S.
1983CIMMYT corn breeding program conducted in ThailandRenfro, B.L.
1982CIMMYT international program for developing disease resistant corn materialsRenfro, B.L.
1981CIMMYT maize activities in AsiaFishcher, K.S.
Showing results 99 to 118 of 3627
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